Letter to the Editor by Joseph Gilbert

Tsolinas’ letter to the Weekly (6/20) was good but understated.  I lived in San Francisco 31 years, when atheists tried unsuccessfully (twice legally) to remove the large Mt. Davidson cross, the summer of love turned many youngsters into drug and sex addicts, one pornographer shot his brother, and gays violently demanded that their everything-sexual bathhouses remain open until AIDS killed off many thousands.

Rainbow flags were and still are displayed really to promote all kinds of non-reproductive sexual activity, LGBTQ for short.  I was not surprised to learn that Caserta raised City Hall’s flag of shame, shame, and our City Council, not to be outdone, removed a pro-morality historical cross before turning June bride’s month over to “Pride,” the word chosen by gays for their parades because of its obsolete meaning “sexual desire” and archaic meaning “ostentatious splendor.”  For true marriage equality, since people hug trees, why not marry one?