Letter to the Editor by James Rowen


Anne Ravel’s partisan attack on Lisa Gillmor is not surprising. Ravel left the Federal Elections Commission under a cloud, as she frequently went off on tangents and personal vendettas. Check every major news source. She wanted to regulate the Internet. Her desire to use her position to slay high profile dragons was well known. Gillmor is a target. Of course, Ravel has a point about bloggers, as we know our own Twinkie Boy needs life counseling and not from the Quiche Council Member. But the idea that Lisa is some nefarious Annie Doolittle moulded by shadowy interests is absurd. I have known Lisa since high school, she is the most transparent person I know. Yes,. Lisa’s political alliances should be questioned and hotly debated. Her views should be questioned, but Ravel and McManis are crooked and dishonest.


James Rowen