Letter to the Editor by Deborah Bress

I support Lisa Gillmor … she is a dedicated mom, a good person and I even used to call her my friend; I was even looking forward to Mayor Lisa … but Lisa has changed — Big Time.

The City of Santa Clara is now a real mess and needs a NEW Mayor who really knows what it’s like to live with our high-priced housing, traffic, over-building and meet the challenges of living in Santa Clara. I’ve heard some people say he’s too young and has no experience … FYI, he’s the exact same age Gary Gillmor was when he became Mayor and Becker has the passion to listen, learn and build a cohesive team — he doesn’t have the baggage of developers, lobbyists, special interests or real estate.

He is out walking, he’s listening to everyone’s point-of-view, and he doesn’t pretend he already knows everything — a real breath of fresh air. For Santa Clara to thrive again, and regain its regional credibility, it will take a fresh team … NOT a clique … Anthony will build the team that Santa Clara needs. He has been bullied, lived with diversity and is ready to address & overcome these issues and more on many levels.

VOTE for Anthony Becker … Becker is BEST — No Mor Gillmor


Deborah Bress