Letter to the Editor by Cathy and Jim VanPernis

 We need these three new schools

Development within the SCUSD attendance area has accelerated as a result of the improved economy and increased employment in Silicon Valley. Santa Clara Unified School District is one of only a few districts in the state that continues to grow. With increased student growth in our attendance area, our schools are already at capacity. Just how filled up must the schools become before taxpayers realize that the district is mandated to accommodate and educate these students? Measure BB on the November 6 ballot addresses these needs and will allow SCUSD to build three new schools: a 1,600 student comprehensive high school in the northern part of our district, a new elementary school to alleviate overcrowding at Laurelwood School and a new school on the Monticello site. These new schools will allow us to provide high-quality classrooms for our students. Measure BB provides a long-term solution that’s good for students, families and residents. Good schools contribute to increased property values.

We need your help! PLEASE VOTE Yes on Measure BB to ensure equal access to safe, successful schools for ALL STUDENTS!



Cathy and Jim VanPernis