Letter to the Editor

Santa Clara had long been governed by consensus, by a clique.  This had strong points and weak points.  The ones who broke this were Lisa Gillmor and Kathy Watanabe.  They went around the City Council with the 49ers own version of Measure A, and they got it passed because of their names, faces, and voices vouching for it.  Since, trying to make things work has been impossible.  And Gillmor and Watanabe can’t solve this, because it’s their lies and deceptions which started it.  Then once their Measure A passed, and it no longer mattered what they said, they turned to using the 49ers for political theatre.  And to make things worse, they were able to do this and to get themselves elected because of a voting system which the courts have found to be unlawful because it disenfranchises minority voters.  Without this Gillmor and Watanabe never could have gotten elected, and unlikely they could get re-elected.  They have their own agenda and their block of 4.  They want Santa Clara to serve the interests of real estate speculators, and this does depend upon racism.  They talk about adding housing, but they only really want to do this if the price continues to go up.  And they have led an exponential increase in City operating costs, so that tax payers are being bled.  Do not vote for Gillmor or Watanabe, or for any new minions they bring out.  And vote against their Measure C, trying to oppose the court and state law and cut us back to only 3 council districts instead of 6.  They are still counting on being able to limit whose votes will matter.