Letter from Victoria Mallon

To the Editor.

I wanted to let you know that I am greatly disappointed in the quality and one-sidedness of the recent Santa Clara Weekly article describing the qualifications of the Santa Clara School Board candidates. In particular I am concerned about the section covering Dr. Michele Ryan. The three paragraphs describing her accomplishments seemed incomplete compared to the larger section devoted to the incumbent candidate. This inconsistency came to my attention because I had just met Michele and her husband the weekend before at a friend’s dinner party. I was impressed by her knowledge and quiet confidence. Michele has a strong educational background which was completely omitted from her profile and her title as “Dr.” was missing. I believe she has two master’s degrees and a PhD from three universities. Also overlooked was the fact that she has three children who attend/have attended Santa Clara schools. I request that you please confirm her qualifications and update her profile in your newspaper as soon as possible to rectify this very noticeable bias.