Letter from Van Langston

I can’t believe that our Planning Department can allow a Council approved development to be changed without Council or public input. After 2 years of working with the developer, Council Members and attending countless hours in council chambers on the 900 Kiely Blvd. Apartment Project it appears we should have all just stayed home. The current developer attended a Architectural Committee meeting on June 6, 2012 and presented new drawing of the Apartment Complex totaling 552 units. This is an increase of 27 units over what was approved by the Council back on August of 2009. This project started out with 806 units and after two Planning Commission meetings and three Council Meetings the council got the developer down 766 units. This increase of 27 units will add 190 additional car trips per day and lower the parking spaces from 2.2 to 1.8 per unit. Our Council and the City Manager should bring this under control and make these developers build what is approved.