Letter from Leslie Kloes

In order for a board to function effectively, its members need to treat each other with respect. They don’t always have to agree but, without respect, meaningful discourse cannot occur and effective policy cannot be made. If the October 4 Santa Clara Unified School Board Candidate Forum was any indication, Chris Stampolis is not up for the job. Rather than wait for a recent audit report to be agendized, presented at an open session by the Santa Clara County Superintendent and fully investigated by our school board, Stampolis seized the opportunity to mention the report at the candidate forum in hopes of furthering his own campaign with a calculated game of “gotcha.” This act shows blatant disrespect for our superintendent. The audience saw through this foiled attempt at political grandstanding; I sincerely hope that the voters do too. Fortunately, we have a choice: Vote for DeYoung, Gonzalez and VanPernis.