Letter from Emily Adorable

SCUSD Board member Ina Bendis’ statement at the candidate forum on Oct. 2 that “administrators who left our district did so because they didn’t want to be held accountable” is another of her blatant, outrageous mistruths. Administrators left SCUSD because of the mistrust and disrespect shown them by Board Members Bendis, Stampolis and Koltermann. Qualified teachers and administrators continue to leave because of our dysfunctional Board. Candidates and incumbents Jodi Muirhead, Noelani Sallings, Andy Ratermann and Jim Canova care about EVERY student in SCUSD – not just the college bound or those with special needs. School board members must make decisions based on what is best for ALL students and trust the educators in their employ. Voters of SCUSD – PLEASE find out what’s been going on these past eight years and vote for candidates who want to get back to making smart decisions to move our district forward.