Letter From Tess Hardy

Santa Clara voters, our children do indeed need a SCUSD Board that focuses on student achievement. We voters should demand that Board members work collaboratively and respectfully with district staff and teachers so that all students can succeed academically.

Candidates Andy Ratermann, Jodi Muirhead, and Noelani Sallings have amazing leadership backgrounds. Their talents are grounded in teamwork, collegiality, creativity, hard work and respect. Exactly the qualities Santa Clara teachers try to instill into their students every day. Wow! What better role models!

These candidates will raise the bar of our current board, which is stymied by micro-managing, personal agendas, narcissism and disrespect. Elitist PhDs do not make for good leaders. Our children absolutely deserve better. Vote smart – Ratermann, Muirhead and Sallings for SCUSD school board.