Letter From Jeannie Mahan

I am proud to endorse Dominic Caserta for Santa Clara City Council Seat 5. I have known Dominic for over 10 years and I have been impressed with his leadership during his two terms in office beginning in 2002. He was always a concerned, hard-working, dedicated member of the council. He was an integral part of our city’s progress during that time and helped our community flourish as part of the Silicon Valley. At the same time, he championed the environment and education. Dominic is a resident of the Old Quad, and I trust he will be sensitive to the issues facing that historic neighborhood. He definitely has the proven experience to guide our wonderful city.

As a member of the Historic and Landmark Commission, I am confident Dominic will be a wonderful addition to our City Council. Dominic is all always kind, listens to opinions and respects different views. He is ethical and honest in all he does. As an outstanding teacher, he cares about our youth.

I am proud to endorse Dominic and urge you to support him. He will be an outstanding, caring leader!