Letter from Terri (Silva) Kolstad

I was the Santa Clara Police Chief’s Administrative Assistant for 30 years, working with five Chiefs. I know what it takes for the Chief to manage incredible workloads, make difficult decisions and lead the department.

I know both Police Chief candidates well. I remember Nikolai getting hired and promoting to Sergeant. Although he often told me he was going to be Chief someday, he never worked towards it. Now, because Santa Clara elects their Chief, he wants to jump over three ranks to achieve his dream.

Chief Sellers is the polar opposite of his opponent. While working at SCPD and raising a family, he got his Bachelor’s Degree; tested successfully, promoting through each rank. Having worked at the Department, I can tell you promotion counts – gaining experience and skills needed to be successful.

Mike Sellers cares about SCPD and the community he serves. Please re-elect Chief Mike Sellers.