Letter from Teresa Fiss

Dear Editor,

I suppose I should not be shocked that the anti-recall campaign would sink so low as to say Emily Doe did not write the letter that went viral about her experience reporting sexual assault. But here we are.

Judge Persky’s lawyer and biggest donor, Jim McManis, made the statement to a Vogue reporter, accusing Emily Doe of lying. He also implied her drinking caused her assault – nevermind the part the perpetrator, Brock Turner, played.

How many more times will we allow this kind of shaming to be played out in the media and by the people we ask to uphold our justice system? I say Enough is Enough.

Victim-blaming needs to become a thing of the past. It’s time to recall Persky and show his supporters and the world just how horrifically outdated these victim-shaming tactics are. We are better than this.

Please vote yes to recall Persky on June 5th.


Teresa Fiss