Letter from Catherine Williams

In a recent Vogue article, Judge Persky’s lawyer and largest donor said Stanford swimmer Brock Turner’s victim “was not attacked”, and implied that she was at fault for her assault because she “had been drinking before she arrived at the fraternity party”. Jim McManis, without any factual basis, went on to assert that she lied about writing her own victim impact statement.

McManis then told the Mercury News that he believed Turner’s version of events-despite their being wholly rejected by the jury-and told the Daily Post that Turner was “not a predator” because he didn’t “jump out at her” from the bushes.

These views are inconsistent with the facts, the jury verdict, the rule of law, and the values of the 21st century. Yet Judge Persky has not repudiated them.

Please stand up for survivors like Emily Doe. Please vote to recall Judge Persky on June 5th.