Letter from T. M. Hade

It may just me but has anyone else been hot under the collar about the police report. It’s beyond me why the police stop people with $1000/$5000warrants out for them & let them just drive off.

The police report in your 6/15 paper starts with a person being stopped for some offense and was found to be driving on a suspended license, gave the officer a false name, no proof of insurance and had a $5000 warrant against them. They were cited (lots of luck with that one) and released?

Another item in the same article was about someone with a $2000 warrant against them was stopped, issued a “notice to appear” and released.

People with warrants should not be released without correcting the warrant problem first.

I was always told that driving was a “privilege” not a “right”. If they won’t take care of the original problem why would anyone assume that they would appear to take care of two problems?

No wonder CA has so many traffic deaths. People will not follow the rules and people on the enforcement side seem to have been told not to worry about it. Just keep writing tickets.