Letter from Rick Gillick

The 6/1 Weekly reported on the City Clean-Up Campaign and of course most of us (70%) are in favor of it continuing. A few people complained about the “mess and traffic.” Well, would they rather have a street looking a little messy for a few days rather than having many front yards driveways, back yards etc. looking messy all year like some parts of San Jose? It looks like City Manager R. Batra wants to end the Clean Up at a closure at the appropriate time” what does that mean? When people’s sofas, fences, yard trees, etc. last forever?

If the data cited by the City director Staub are broken down such as the budget from ‘ 96 has increased from $1.1 million to now $2M. But inflation and population has increased since 1996. Now $1 in ‘96 is worth over $2 now, and the population went up about 25% from 98,000 to 122,00.

In ‘96 the cost per resident was about $22 per resident, in ‘15 about $16 per resident. For that service households are charged  $51 yearly. So congrats to the Santa Clarans and the City for doing better. The Clean Up Campaign is a good thing for Santa Clarans and we should keep it.