Letter from Rozane McCurdy

A civil grand jury recently determined financial shenanigans between Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara & Stadium Authority. How monies are divided between Niners and Santa Clara which includes how revenues & repayments to Santa Clara are being made & tracked needs further investigation – going back to the years of the Measure J campaign when Patty Mahan was mayor.

Mahan’s announcement timing that she wants to return to a Santa Clara City Council seat after terming-out is odd & terribly disconcerting. This comes after the abrupt resignations of her former colleague Mayor Matthews less than 24 hours after SBL & City Manager Fuentes especially after his office cleaning & shredding frenzy in December, 2015.

For all intents & purposes, it appears there might “contractual messes that need cleaning out” before the Niners can start a new season! What better way for the Niners than having Team SC City Council warming their bench.