Letter From Rozane Bey McCurdy

After having watched the last few city council meetings, I was pleased to see new faces stepping forward from the audience providing the same voice of opinion regarding the direction of development in Santa Clara; namely to slow down & think ahead.

Young and old; long-time residents and new transplants to area; homeowners and business owners each had their say. It was wonderful to see a united front, even if voices carried varying reasons and concerns. It was refreshing to see the city council take pause and vote against taking a $3,000,000  check from the SF 49rs on verbal assurances without having an iron-clad, bulleted, no-gray area, no room for misunderstanding down the road, legal document in place.

Reporter Carolyn Schuk in the May 20, 2015 issue of SCW managed to offend anyone who participated in voicing opinions against speed of development or Niners intent; being a booster, no surprise.