Letter from Michael O’Halloran

The “compromise” that Mr. Barber suggests in his June 3rd Milestones is disingenuous.

He asks Ulistac supporters to give up 11 of 40 acres.  What’s really being asked is for Santa Clarans to give up a net 11 of combined Parks and Open Space acres.

Is that a compromise?

If the 49ers or Stadium Authority are asking the City to turn over the YSP location for their commercial use, it’s fair to ask them to provide funding that replaces those soccer fields in a new location.   Youth sports proponents say we need even more fields.

As population growth continues, Santa Clara should be increasing Parks and Open Space.  Mr. Barber’s suggestion will decrease it.

We should be using park monies to acquire more Open Space to accommodate increased residents from proposed high density housing.

When Mr. Barber and developers ask for a “compromise”, watch out!