Letter From Rozane Bey-McCurdy

We need new blood in the Santa Clara City council rather than recycled candidates who have run through all of the seats, sometimes more than once. The city is now in stadium debt higher than originally pitched and each week new expenditures or problems seem to ‘pop up.’ I’m appalled our current mayor irresponsibly says things, “Anyone who says this is not a good thing needs to just walk out and get some fresh air, because this is a major thing for Santa Clara,” in response to the massive $6.5 billion Santa Clara development. Where? Others need to hold the reins and regain control of the wallet of the city before it turns into Bell, California. I hope others will join me in supporting accountability and reliability for the city council of Santa Clara voting for Santa Clara Mayor: Deborah Bress, Council #2: Karen Hardy and Council #5: Kevin Park