Letter from Regina Williams

If you’re a voter in Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD) ask: Do the incumbent School Board members running for re-election support what parents want for their children? For example, with 700 plus kids on the wait list for Millikin Elementary, why won’t the Board majority approve another Back-to-Basics school? Why did only 11% of SCUSD ninth graders who took Algebra 1 last year test as proficient? Why are so many parents in our district moving their children to private or charter schools? SCUSD needs to be focused on improving math and English proficiency and being responsive to parents and the community by opening more Back-to-Basics Elementary Schools.

Please vote for two highly qualified candidates who support parent choice and have young children in our district: Teacher Dr. Michele Ryan and College Trustee Christopher Stampolis. They will ask tough questions; maybe that’s why the incumbents’ campaign has gotten so nasty.