Letter from Judy Osborne

It has been said that Stampolis for SCUSD School Board is a highly qualified candidate. “QUALIFIED” DOESN’T MEAN “SUITABLE!”

At the 10/4 forum, in response to a question regarding fundraising for athletic programs, Stampolis put the burden of keeping athletics in schools solely on the “business” community. Academics being a priority; the current school board has successfully kept athletics alive, realizing the necessity of such programs to help produce well-rounded future members of society. SCUSD has numerous business partnerships that already go above and beyond. To expect the entire burden of extracurricular programs be supported by the business community is unrealistic.

Stampolis boasts about his service on the WVMCC Governing Board. What he doesn’t say is that all six other board members that serve with him DO NOT support his candidacy, and many former SCUSD superintendents, as well as some current SCUSD board members, OPPOSE his candidacy. Ask yourself why!