Letter from Ray Gamma

“My eight year tenure as a member of the Santa Clara Parks and Rec. Commission ended on June 30, 2014. As a member, we all had to attend an Ethics Class and thereafter I decided not to support any persons running for City Council during our last election even though there were two who were qualified and thankfully they easily won without my help. Now as a citizen with no attachment to our City government I would like to sincerely endorse Roseann LaCoursier for City Council. I do so because I had the privilege of working with her on the Parks and Rec. Commission. During that time I observed a person who is not only dedicated to children of our City not only because of her involvement with PAL but t all. She also has shown true commitment to all the citizens of our great city. In her using mostly her own funds in this election tells me that she is not beholding to any special interest group. This to me is not only highly ethical but a true sign of someone who cares and will represent is all; therefore, I urge everyone to vote for Roseann LaCousier for City Council.”