Letter From Ralph Alvarado

The recent letter to this publication concerning the “majority of stimulus money going to unions” only proves how divided this country is and how hard it is going to be to fix the problem.

People on wall street nearly destroyed our economy, took our bail-out money and partied. If you don’t see that, you have your head buried in the sand.

I worked for a company that was a union shop. Management and craft got along well. The company made billions of dollars for shareholders every year. Everyone had a great wage, great medical benefits, and a very good retirement package of which not one red penny came from taxpayers. And no one had to use our services.


Because we made a very good wage, WE STIMULATED the economy. The union also kept the upper echelon management from giving themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses. Can you please show me one bad point in all of that.

The problem with this country is not our leadership. It is ourselves. We complain about losing jobs to foreign countries, but we buy only foreign products because we save a buck. We then take that buck and party on the weekend.

We don’t care. This won’t end until we do care. Quit hating. Begin communicating. Positive interaction results in positive solutions.

Yogais Youth