Letter From Linda & Ken Thomas

Dear Mayor and City Council,

We see that the city is considering…

“… entering into a funding agreement whereby the Redevelopment Agency will reimburse the 49ers Stadium Company for pre-development costs incurred on behalf of the Stadium Authority.”


— Carol McCarthy, Acting Assistant City Manager

As concerned long time Santa Clara residents, we urge you to please put the city first during these difficult financial times and stop giving away our money. If the 49ers can’t pony up their portion of the funds, then that should be a warning flag that this is a bad financial deal for the city. It’s in their corporate best interests to pay as little as they can possibly get away with and if they can dupe the city into paying more and more, that’s just good business for them.

Someone needs to be looking out for the city’s best interests and that’s supposed to be you. Please do the financially responsible thing and do not allow this to happen.

Yogais Youth