Letter From Qin Zhong

Jenny Strand Park is located deep into our neighborhood, with no entrance from major road or highway. You need to drive through whole neighborhood to access it. If it becomes a big soccer facility, I can imagine lots of traffic, which will break the peace of neighborhood and cause potential danger to my child, especially after Apple new campus opens in two years. During weekdays, a lot of Apple employees will drive through our neighborhood; on weekends, groups of kids and teenagers will flood into the park. There will be no peace left for us. If Levi’s Stadium affects the current field, why are we the ones to pay? This is not fair. Even if city wants to find a replacement, they should look around for another site. Why consider Jenny Strand Park, which is 10 miles away? People living close to the park already suffer the noise from highway 280. This change will bring extra noise and light contamination, which is really nightmare for them.

I am strongly against this idea. Thanks for your help to spread my concern to public. Thanks