Letter From Pat Alves

I read with interest all the letters referring to an existing park and the need for more soccer fields. The real issue here is the need of parking during game days for the 49ers. While I am not a ticket holder, I am a fan. I believe the stadium is a big plus for our city. I also believe all the sports activities are a big plus too.

The issue of parking can be satisfied without moving any soccer field, natural area, etc… by just looking around at property that is good for parking, close to the stadium, and vacant. I have noticed there is a huge area, already paved, but surrounded by a chain link fence on Patrick Henry Dr. It has been like this for a very long time. The weeds have taken over, but the cement is good. Why not contact whoever owns this property and make them an offer to use it on game days? This way the owner of the property makes some money on what must be a losing site, the naturalists are happy, the soccer people don’t have to scout more fields, and the parks remain as they are to be used by the neighborhood.

As for the bike and pedestrian trail, make an adjustment in your plans and go out to the Baylands Park off Lawrence Expressway and enjoy that area.