Letter From Peta Roberts

SCUSD Trustee Chris Stampolis last Thursday tried to subvert good policy for a blatant naked grab at ensuring his own 5th grader could experience middle school at his elementary school, Bracher. Trustee Bendis requested the purchase of new curriculum training tool tools, thereby subverting the role of teachers who are responsible for the process of choosing curriculum materials. Meanwhile, the Chair Christine Koltermann was either very inexperienced or and doesn’t understand the rules of public meetings, by allowing Stampolis to manipulate the Board into running an inquiry. Anarchy was his tool to for grilling hardworking District teachers, alongside other Trustees and the Superintendent. Stampolis and Bendis showed lack of trust and respect for staff, and was abusive to the current planning processes for planning ideas. Unsurprisingly Superintendent Plough resigned the next day. I hope that trusted Board members Ratermann, Canova and Gonzalez will resist anarchy and show some integrity to public policy decision making.