Letter From Jim Husing

The just concluded election for President and other local and national offices has convinced me that the United States has become a nation of dependants! We are no longer a majority of people who believe in working hard and becoming independent. As a nation of immigrants, our forefathers came to this once great nation to experience freedom. They weren’t asking for any handouts, and for the most part, they didn’t get any! Now we have a country with a government like the ones they were fleeing!

Now, the quickest way for a politician to get elected is to promise more “stuff” than their opponent. And the liberal democrats play this game better than the republicans. California, with its recent tax hikes, will see more of the wealthy flee this state for more friendly tax states. And I can’t remember the last time a poor person provided anyone a job. The people who voted for the tax hikes probably figured it wouldn’t impact them, but it will. California is about a deep breath away from becoming the next Greece.

iberals and democrats measure success by how many more people they can sign up for government handouts. Conservatives measure success by how many people they can get off the government programs and make it on their own!