Letter From Nick Dellaporta

Our society spends an excessive amount of time, money and attention on professional sports. We glorify the act of large men pummeling and knocking each other down, which often results in concussions or other serious injuries. All the while, the spectators of these events can sip expensive wine and savor fine gourmet food—as if the upscale character of the food served makes the inherent brutality of these events—such as football—more acceptable! Corporate entertainment of this kind can and does convey to our youth and the public at large that it is good and acceptable to be materialistic; to seek fame over giving to others; to pursue the goal of winning rather than the goal of playing well; and to value brute strength and hypermasculinity. Sporting events such as these should focus more on good sportsmanship and moral integrity and less on winning, material wealth, and fame.