Letter from Donald Kim

Last Thursday’s highly-hyped Forty-Niner$’ $tadium ribbon-cutting ceremony was totally censored from any viewing by us non-VIP$, except for the 1-minute film clips shown on local TV news programs.

Knowing that it wasn’t being televised, I went to the stadium to see it in person. When I got busted by Niner$’ security while trying to blend in with the privileged VIP$ and sneak a peek at the ribbon-cutting, I was told: “I’m sorry, sir, you have to go back over to the public area.”

My response was: “What do you mean? This entire place is a public area.” The security officer’s answer was: “It isn’t today.”


I tell you what Jed York: Go ahead and share the place with the Raiders. Maybe they’ll cater less to the desires of privileged VIP$ and more to those of the average citizens of our peaceful city. A city which is about to bear the brunt of an invasion. An invasion for the sake of $$$$$$$$$.