Letter From Nic Dell

In response to the September 25 editorial:

  • The main problem is not that the Soccer Park needs to be moved, the problem is there are not enough parking spaces for the stadium. Lack of parking spaces should be the 49er’s problem, but the city has made it exclusively their problem. One solution: replace nearby private parking lots with multi-level garages; the 49ers could and should help finance any new parking construction.
  • The editorial states that Ulistac lacks restrooms, picnic tables and a kid’s play area, but neglects to point out that, Ulistac, because it is a nature preserve, possesses important and unique features Lick Mill Park lacks. Converting even part of Ulistac into a soccer park would significantly diminish this unique nature preserve.
  • Santa Clara has many parks with lawns and playgrounds, but it has only one Ulistac. This nature preserve deserves to be preserved and protected.