Letter From Marty Sammon

Re: Milestones

I loved your comments regarding Police salaries. It’s Santa Clara, not Baghdad, Detroit or Richmond. After my discharge from the paratroopers, it was suggested I go into law enforcement. Or, as my aunt suggested, go work for the county. If we only knew. As for Lisa Gillmor’s appointment, no surprise there. I’ve known Gary for years from his great basketball career at Santa Clara. My wife and I were invited to Lisa’s wedding, which was fabulous. Two years ago, I addressed the city council and while I didn’t object to the 49er’s moving here, but with the economy as it was and continues to contract, I didn’t believe it was smart to expect the taxpayers to finance any part of it. Lisa referred to me as “the enemy”. Wow! I just thought that I was a kindly old grandfather. So much for inclusiveness and opposing opinions. Thanks again for your views.