Letter From Lori Salkield

Santa Clara residents do not have a “downtown,” but we are going to have a football stadium….but meanwhile The City of Santa Clara has taken our 4th of July display far, far, away! Let us at least have an old fashion fireworks display. Why don’t they have the 49ers pay for it? There will be more people in the park enjoying the festivities, if they knew there was fireworks after the day is over. That was something really neat to look forward to. Yes we have read how expensive it is to put a display on, but this is once a year. We don’t have a parade of champions anymore either. These are what makes a great city. We are spending a lot of money on “other things” and can’t seem to have a firework display? This is the first time I have ever written a letter to a newspaper and it does feel good to say something that bothers you.