Letter from Lisa Skrzynecki

Dear Editor,

Opponents of Judge Persky’s recall claim he was just following a probation department’s recommendation in the Stanford sexual assault case, but fail to mention he ignored the prosecutor’s recommendation of six years in prison. More importantly, he completely ignored the victim, who told Persky on the day of sentencing that she was “consumed by anger which eventually quieted down to profound sadness” when she read the probation officer’s report. We must start listening to survivors and giving them the justice they deserve. His sentencing in the case delivered a profound blow to anyone paying attention to how we treat sexual assault survivors. Why bother to come forward when the results are so trivial? The decision also cast doubt on any decision he makes going forward. I urge my neighbors to vote yes to recall Persky.

Lisa Skrzynecki
146 Towne Terrace Unit 7
Los Gatos CA 95032