Letter from Evangeline Sangalang

Dear editor,

I have helped a victim of domestic violence whose partner made direct reference to the Judge Persky’s sentencing in the Stanford swimmer sexual assault case. The father of her child said, “I own you. I can easily do 3 months. Then when I’m out, where will you go to hide?”

That is the impact of Judge Persky’s lenient treatment of gender-based violence. With judges like Persky, the days you spend in the agony of trial and getting a conviction is much longer and punishing for the victim than the few jail days Persky gives the criminal as a sentence. Judge Persky would not even give the option of prison. Now with such a message, many women won’t even bother to call 911. I urge this community to stand up for survivors and victims, and vote yes to recall Judge Persky on June 5th.

Evangeline Sangalang
San Jose