Letter From Lidia Blair

Thank you, Santa Clara!

I applaud Mayor Mathews and the City Council for the great job they have done in listening to the community and supporting their wishes. The City Council and city staff formed a team that has worked for the people.

We should call this team “heroes” because they are giving Santa Clara the wonderful gifts of prosperity, new jobs for locals, new income for the city, first-class sports entertainment, and huge economic impact for small and large businesses.


Two of the Council Members were not completely satisfied with the deal, however, they did outstanding job by questioning every detail. This made people rethink what they were getting into. Obviously the people of Santa Clara knew what they wanted. A great partnership that will benefit Santa Clara.

The 49ers have been training in Santa Clara for many years. They have also been sharing their home (training camp) with the community.This is a perfect match.

Welcome 49ers and your families to Santa Clara.