Letter from Lezli Logan

Once again Judge Persky’s representatives condescendingly dismiss valid grievances as “all that emotion” when referring to the motivations of the recall. They continually dismiss concerns of survivors and our advocates, as if our understanding based on lived experience is somehow less serious than their desire to protect a colleague in their professional circle.
Are we supposed to feel sorry for this elected official of ours? Because he’s now hiding on-call in night court after sentencing a privileged white male athlete to only 6 months for 3 felony sexual assault counts? Or maybe, we should pity him for what he’s now reaping—after all, his 4-day sentence for felony child pornography was just “bad timing”.
Judge Persky has shown repeatedly he does not take sexual violence seriously. The recall is the legal remedy for us voters. We deserve a better choice. I will vote for Persky’s recall in June.