Letter from Keili Deal

To the editor of the Santa Clara Weekly,

When I read that Judge Persky’s lawyer, Jim McManis, contested the facts of Brock Turner’s case despite the resulting conviction, saying “This woman was not attacked,” and mentioning that Jane Doe “had been drinking before she arrived at the fraternity party”, I was reminded of the victim blaming that I experienced as a survivor of sexual assault. As a major donor, McManis victim blaming statements on behalf of Persky illustrate the need for this recall.

We need a cultural shift, we need to support survivors when they come forward, and we need elected officials like Persky to take sex crimes and violence against women seriously by holding perpetrators accountable. Since Persky has shown that he is unwilling to do this, we need to recall him. Be the change and vote to recall and replace Judge Aaron Persky.
Ke’ili Deal
Palo Alto