Letter from Kathy Diefenbach

Dear Editor,

Despite being convicted of three felonies by a unanimous jury on all counts, former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner served only 90 days after assaulting his victim behind a dumpster. Many members of the legal community questioned Judge Persky’s sentencing decision, and over 94,000 voters in the county signed a petition to add his recall to this June’s ballot.

We deserve judges who take sexual assault seriously, and there is no valid reason why we would need to retain an elected judge who we no longer trust to do so. We are not a “lynch mob” and we are not on a “witchhunt,” as opponents of Persky’s recall crudely claim. We are voters frustrated with an elected official’s poor decision-making. We are simply exercising our rights to remove him from a seat of elected authority.

I encourage everyone in the county who is eligible to vote yes to recall Judge Persky.

Kathy Diefenbach

Morgan Hill