Letter From Josie Hernandez

I attended a council meeting on 1/10/17. I believed the Sobrato Homeless housing project was going to be discussed. There were some questions and the board stated there was to be a meeting on 2/2/17 to discuss this. However, a few people brought up the Sobrato project, and the Mayor said several times, “this is not a done deal, it will be discussed in the future”. In the notes of 2/2/17, it reads “In the fall, the Council approved exclusive negotiating rights with Sobrato.” To me this means it’s a done deal. Or does it? With the Community Outcry on the Sobrato project, why wouldn’t the Mayor and other board members be present at this meeting? At least a month prior, the Mayor and board members knew this meeting was going to happen, yet they Chose not to attend. They knew there was going to be strong opposition on the Sobrato project and chose to stay out of it.