Letter from Joseph Gilbert

This Weekly should print negatives of Khanna, as it does of Honda:  Khanna didn’t last long in U.S. Commerce Department.  Politically incorrect, he oversaw Obama’s Solyndra fiasco in Fremont.  Khanna worked over American Community Survey (with a threat of five years in prison if you don’t answer!) which hurts citizens “randomly selected” to take it.  He then used that survey to give special interests unfair advantages.  Khanna helped write one horrendous change in U.S. Patent laws, from “first to invent” to “first to file,” that presidents had previously declined to inflict on inventors.  His “Obama rationale” was the false notion that inventions are no longer brought to market by individuals.  As a director of Planned Parenthood, Gavin Newsom’s only friend, Khanna fought disclosures to parents about minor daughters seeking abortions, even though the average age of men involved is over 22 years, meaning statutory rape, sex slavery, and human trafficking!