Letter from James Rowen

The recent secret star chamber organized by Mr. Weekes of Santa Clara University and operatives of the Honda campaign detailed by the Mercury News is an indictment of how out of touch Mike Honda has become.  If I understand what really prompted this meeting of the Cascas and Brutuses that occurred before the Ides of April along with the stooge from the Bronco Bench was that they all feel Debi Davis, Lisa Gillmor, and Kathy Watanabe are true loyalists.  Huh?  Perhaps our friends in development and sports regard Kevin Park and Debbi Bress are more trustworthy and that some political teenager can nominate himself to charter a new course.  Well, guys, you should stop doubting and be thankful Teresa, Debi, Lisa, and Kathy are there.  The locofocos with the Honda team have eaten mushrooms for the last time, as the voters in November will have good ol’ Mission City prunes to clear them out.