Letter from John McLemore

Kudos to the SC Weekly and Carolyn Schuk for public information provided in last week’s May 18th City Observer section.  As a former City Council Member over a dozen people have approached me to complain about their anger and frustration with a few Council Members.  They believe two or three members are involved in new misinformation delivered insinuating a lack of cooperation between the City and the 49ers management.

In the aforementioned story the basis for business dealings between us was carefully laid out showing the legal documents binding together our working partnership.  Every citizen should read this article because it’s easy reading and can clear confusion up for many.

The political theater being created shows that one or two of them can’t read a contract or understand some basic business processes.  It’s obvious which members do know how and which members don’t. Since almost all of members have been on the council the last three years one wonders if some confused members were asleep when they voted on the recent agreements. Many wonder why they don’t understand them now!  This makes for very poor political theater – at our expense.