Letter From John Azevedo

Wow! Where can I get me a pair of the “Rose Colored Glasses.” Our President just sent another 1500 troops to assist in Iraq. Gasoline has just recently dropped below $3 a gallon thanks to increased U.S. oil production, but is still about a dollar more a gallon then when the current administration took office.

While the stock market is showing a profit, there are less people in the work force, annual income is down and food stamp recipients has increased substantially.

As a registered non-partisan voter, I’m not really a champion of party politics, but I find it disheartening that some celebrate the fact we just re-elected a congressman whose sole piece of legislation in 14 years was the naming of a post office.

I, like most Americans, simply want the best for our family regardless if the politician has a “D” or “R” after their name. It’s not the amount of money spent, but the amount of effort voters put into learning about the candidates and the issues prior to their vote. Those who suggest our candidate-elects are a failure before they have even been sworn into office, lack the objectivity to be taken seriously.