Letter from John Azevedo

All the movers and shakers in Santa Clara, in and out of politics, seem to be behind Measure A and that’s a good thing. After all it is for our children and grand children. Measure A, which, appears on the ballot unopposed, should pass in a land slide.

Once Measure A is passed will these same “concerned citizens”, suddenly lose interest or will they follow-up to be sure that the additional funding will result in a better education for those students attending Santa Clara, city schools. Or, will they simply walk away, satisfied with themselves because, there is more money available for additional school administrators, teachers and support staff to be hired or rehired.

Measure A is not being sold simply as more money for salaries but, also as a way to improve the educational goals for our young school students. Let’s hope the passing of measure A will be the “FIRST” step, not the last.