Letter From Jim Curylo

Let the whining continue – not, and boy oh boy can the nay-sayers make up “facts.” Take a couple million from this obscure column and add it to the millions from that unrelated column and bingo, we got debt coming out our wallets. The contract between the 49ers and the city makes it very clear, the 49ers are responsible for the loan payments, not the city or its citizens.

Second, I live in the Neglected Northside about a half mile from the stadium site and very few fellow residents feel their house values will decline as a result of the new stadium. Get that – very few. Property values have gone down drastically already because of bad federal government policies and not because of a private venture. I believe that in a couple years that general business growth in this area because of the stadium will increase property values, including mine.

The San Francisco 49ers have announced that ground breaking for the new stadium will occur on April 19, 2012. By that time I assume the whiners will find away to take advantage of the increase in business traffic, create a successful business and make a lot of money. I really do. If they don’t like the 49er stadium situation, they can move. In any case, I do seriously want the whiners to shut up.