Letter from James Rowen

The sadness of the stadium saga is not that there is still opposition to the stadium. The Battle of Chavez Canyon in Los Angeles still divides Dodger fans and many older Latinos. It is sad that the jumps from reality that most of the leaders of the anti-stadium group exhibit due to their personal bigotry continue. A noted leader of Santa Clara Plays Fair makes podcasts for a group who works to cast doubt over climate change, while she does speeches about climate change. Another leader of the group cannot seem to stop intimidating people at council meetings, while a lawyer on our city council said this about the famous DDA petitions, “I know they might be illegal, but can’t we do it anyway?” Frankly, the community affairs people now at the Forty Niners need to do a lot more rather than a lot less to work for the schools and the community they claim to support. But that is an issue about tactics, not about reality. The fact is the stadium is a reality, and an outstanding reality for Santa Clara. Santa Clara is the Forty Niners Stadium, and the Forty Niners are Santa Clara.