Letter from James Rowen

Miles is correct when he points out that Ina Bendis and Christine Kolterman are both political tumors malignantly investing themselves into our school district’s respiratory system. Kolterman is filled with loathing for our city officials and school district personnel, while Bendis believes she is a higher form of life and even sought to use political funds to join some exclusive club for brilliant people, though her intelligence with respect to dealing with people puts her in a low class.

Save the money for a recall. The Civil Grand Jury can indict and remove public officials for misconduct. Their comments about our former City Manager, Jennifer Sparacino, proves these two would be better suited for the opening scene in Macbeth, as we all know that the third witch would be one of their campaign managers who lost the mayor’s race in 1998 by the widest margin in city history.

Wooden stakes? No, a vote of grand jurors will solve the problem.