Letter From James Rowen

The Award winning Santa Clara Ethics Program lays stalemated by the incompetence of Ethics Committee Chair Debi Davis who has breeched the ideals of the Late Alydth Parle through her desire to lie and ruin her mentors. Though Santa Clara is well led by Mayor Lisa Gillmor, effectively protected by a brilliant City Clerk Rod Diridon, valiant council members Mahan, Kolstad, O’Neill and Caserta, Davis turns the ethics program into an Andy Cohen production of Real Housewives. Davis attacked McLemore with phony charges of cellphones, attempted to direct city money towards a questionable bank, called into question lobbying activities a week before she decided to vacation at the home of the “lobbyist.” The Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury is being asked to mandate an independent ethics commission for Santa Clara. True, we have effective, able leaders at the front line fighting for the city, but at the rear guard we have a feckless council member more interested in trying to find out how the Russians worked with the 49ers to hack the election and transfer the stadium to Trump while trying to put city gold into piggy bank of her social friends.